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shared the following links for Sanskrit Learning …
This is mostly a public domain place hosting electronic libraries, as far as i can judge. The books can be downloaded for free, they are out of copyright since most of them are from the turn of the previous century and older and they are quite heavy in terms of megabytes. They are mostly good quality scans and turned into pdf, although most of them are also in formats suitable for e-readers e.g. kindle,and epub, although not very well converted at least in my Sony e-reader. Therefore i would suggest the pdf format. Black and white or colour are not an issue because the reading quality is the same, only the megabytes are different. They have a quantity of books on Sanskrit grammar -they say 175- but many of them are doubles and others are comparative studies between grammars of ancient civilizations, mostly Mesopotamian and Mediterranian. Quite a few are in German. If one wants to search can just give some key words -i have given simply Sanskrit grammar- in the search box and better define the medium,in the adjacent box e.g. texts, audio etc. otherwise the results can get overwhelming.
Here are some direct links to the books. Of course i have not read them, i will begin with the Chinmaya Online -for which very useful link thank you very much- but if you want to sort them out -at least those that i have downloaded- and send the direct link for all i would be very glad to do it or else to upload them to where you may suggest.

Author: Sanjay Rath
Sanjay Rath (Oriya: ସଞୟ ରଥ) comes from a traditional family of astrologers from Puri, which trace their lineage back to Shri Achyuta Das (Acyutananda). Sanjay Rath uses Bṛhat Parāśara Horāśāstra, Jaimini Upadeśa Sūtra, Bṛhat Jātaka and Kalyāṇavarmā's Sārāvalī as the foundations of Jyotiṣa and teaches from various other Jyotiṣa scripture. His holistic teaching and writings span across various schools of thought, although not creating his own brand of astrology.